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Restorative Dental Services
Clackamas, OR

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Taking good care of your mouth is essential for the prevention of serious oral health issues. In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth every day at home, it is also recommended that you have your mouth professionally cleaned and examined every six months. Being lax in any part of your oral hygiene routine, even only occasionally skipping out on any part, can greatly increase your risk for issues to develop. At Sunnyside Dentistry, we can provide treatment for oral health issues with restorative dentistry.

Composite Fillings

Fillings are a common treatment for cavities. Traditionally, cavities have been treated with amalgam fillings. We offer composite fillings. These fillings are metal and mercury-free alternative to traditional silver fillings. Composite fillings are made up of a mixture of plastic, fine glass, and other materials. Not only are they free from metals as well as mercury, but composite fillings are also tooth colored. They blend in beautifully with the color of your natural tooth enamel, providing a restorative and aesthetic function for cavities in visible teeth. Read more about Composite Fillings.

Root Canal Therapy

Infections in your teeth are not only painful; they can be quite dangerous. Root canal therapy is a treatment designed to eliminate an infection inside of a tooth while allowing the tooth to remain in its socket. Treatment involves removing the infected pulp and the nerve from the interior of the tooth. Next, the canals inside the tooth are shaped, and the entire interior is disinfected. A specialized material is placed inside of the empty space, which functions to seal the canals and protect them. Finally, a crown is placed over the treated tooth. The crown aids in providing additional protection while also restoring strength. Read more about Root Canal Therapy.


Crowns are a restoration designed to treat damaged teeth. A crown is a cap-like structure that is made to cover the entire visible surface of a damaged tooth. It works to hold a damaged tooth together, preventing further harm and prevents bacterial invasion and infections. Crowns also provide damaged teeth with strength, allowing them to function normally. Read more about Crowns.


A bridge is a traditional restoration that is used to replace one to three consecutive missing teeth. While there are multiple types of bridges, the most common type is a fixed bridge. This type of bridge consists of the pontic tooth, or replacement tooth, which fills in the empty space in your smile. The pontic tooth also has two dental crowns, one on each side of the pontic tooth. The crowns work to anchor the bridge in place by fitting over the adjacent healthy teeth. Read more about Bridges.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a modern-day alternative to traditional bridges and dentures. This treatment for replacing missing teeth involves surgically placing small titanium posts into your jawbone. The bone then fuses to the posts, stabilizing them within your jaw. They essentially become replacement roots that are then used to provide support for your dental restorations. Read more about Dental Implants.


When teeth are damaged, the ideal solution is to treat them, restoring their health and functioning. This can be done in some different ways. However, there are some instances in which the damage or decay may be too severe to treat effectively. Attempting treat these teeth can compromise your oral health further. In such cases, the best solution is to extract or remove these teeth. Once they have been extracted, they can then be replaced. Read more about Extractions.

If oral health conditions are affecting the health of your mouth, restorative dentistry can help to give you back your oral health and your quality of life. For more information on our restorative dentistry procedures, and to schedule your consultation, call Sunnyside Dentistry today at (503) 451-5104.

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