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Multiple Tooth Implants
Clackamas, OR

If you are in need of multiple tooth dental implants, get in touch with our team at Sunnyside Dentistry. We will guide you every single step to help manage your tooth loss. A common occurrence with tooth loss is subsequent bone loss. This can prevent some people from getting dental implants. Fortunately, at Sunnyside Dentistry we offer the help of bone regeneration.

Bone regeneration can help when an individual needs a dental implant. Because implants have to be secured to the jawbone, if there is significant bone loss they will not fit properly and cannot be placed. In such cases, bone regeneration can provide a sound foundation on which the implants can be placed, either multiple tooth implants or single tooth implants.

Bone Regeneration

Our jawbones are very crucial for oral structure and health. Unfortunately, they are prone to infections and deterioration from oral health issues like periodontal disease, tooth extraction, tooth loss because of injury, and trauma. Bone regeneration is the process of regenerating the jawbone. It is a surgical process performed under anesthesia, providing the support system for a successful dental implant. Our highly skilled team at Sunnyside Dentistry can perform a bone regeneration procedure in a single session.

Bone Loss Causes

Bone loss can have several underlying causes. The jawbone needs constant stimulation to maintain its structure, and this stimulation comes from biting and chewing. If a tooth is missing, the jaw does not receive the right amount of stimulation and begins to deteriorate. Advanced gum disease, caused by bacteria and infection, can also cause bone loss.

In some cases, an oral infection caused by viruses, bacteria, or tumors can spread to the jawbone and cause damage, resulting in bone loss. Dental trauma, brought on by an injury such as a broken tooth or having a tooth knocked out can also lead to an infection of the jawbone causing considerable damage and bone loss.

Guided Tissue and Bone Generation

Bone regeneration treatment is a surgical process which stimulates bone growth in the mouth. This involves placing bone grafting material in the place where bone is needed. With time, the grafted bone grows and becomes part of the existing jawbone. This bone regeneration is considered a success.

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