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Waking up first thing in the morning feeling pain in your jaw can be quite annoying. The pain can persist throughout the day, making it difficult and painful to bite, chew, speak, or even use your mouth at all. If this describes you, you may be living with a condition known as bruxism and Sunnyside Dentistry can help.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the grinding and clenching of your teeth. These actions place excessive pressure on your teeth, your jawbone, and your temporomandibular joints, which can lead to serious complications. Bruxism can occur at any time, but it is most common at night. While you sleep, you have no control over the muscle movements in your body or your face, which enables your teeth to grind and clench uninterrupted. When you wake up in the morning, you then experience significant pain in your jaw and temporomandibular joints. You may also find it difficult, if not impossible, to do things like eating and speaking.

Causes of Bruxism

Bruxism can be the result of many different issues. Common causes include:
•  Stress. Stress causes all of the muscles in your body, including those in your face and jaw, to become tense. You may notice that, during the day, you clench your teeth together. When you are aware of it, you can stop it from happening. However, stress can also affect you while you sleep.
•  Certain types of medications and other types of drugs.
•  Caffeine.
•  Excessive alcohol consumption.
•  Using tobacco products.
•  Poor tooth or jaw alignment.

Bruxism Symptoms

There are multiple symptoms of bruxism. The symptoms do not occur all at once. Many symptoms come on gradually and grow worse over time. Symptoms include:
•  Pain in the jaw and temporomandibular joints.
•  Facial pain.
•  Your jaw and facial muscles may feel tired.
•  Trouble biting, chewing, and speaking.
•  Excessive tooth wear.
•  Tooth damage.
•  Gum recession.
•  Loose teeth.
•  Chronic headaches and earaches.

Treatments for Bruxism

When you are faced with symptoms of bruxism, getting treatment can help. To determine the best treatment for you, we need to determine what is causing your bruxism. This is done through a thorough oral examination. Once the cause has been determined, we can then make an appropriate treatment plan to eliminate your pain and restore your quality of life. Treatments for bruxism include:
•  Over the counter or prescription medications. These can help to manage your discomfort.
•  Stress relief techniques. These include deep breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation. Alleviating stress can sometimes help to alleviate muscle tension.
•  A night guard. A night guard is an oral appliance that is worn over your top teeth while you sleep. The guard works to hold your jaw in proper alignment and absorbs the pressures exerted by grinding and clenching.
•  Botox. Botox injections are commonly associated with cosmetics. While this is a cosmetic treatment, it can also be an effective treatment for bruxism. Botox can help to prevent the contraction of the muscles that cause grinding and clenching, providing you with relief.
•  Orthodontics. If bruxism is caused by poor alignment, undergoing orthodontic treatment can help.
•  Oral surgery. In severe cases, oral surgery may be recommended.

Getting treatment for bruxism is essential for alleviating discomfort, restoring your oral health, and improving your quality of life. Call Sunnyside Dentistry today at (503) 451-5104 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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Getting treatment for bruxism is essential for alleviating discomfort, restoring oral health, and improving quality of life. Call Sunnyside Dentistry today to learn more!
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