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Does Invisalign Work For Kids?

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Does Invisalign Work For Kids?The Invisalign system is a new technique for strengthening and aligning teeth. Traditional braces tend to have a range of limitations which make some patients, not like them. For instance, the brackets and wires of the conventional braces can irritate the gums. Besides, oral care is quite difficult when you wear braces. Invisalign addresses these concerns and is considered a better choice. However, there are situations where braces may perform better than Invisalign. Probably, what you want to know is if Invisalign works for kids.

Invisalign for Kids

While many adults receive the Invisalign system for their orthodontic treatment, the oral appliance is just as successful in adults as in kids. However, since Invisalign trays are removable, children may find it easy to get them out of the mouth at their will, which is not good for the treatment. Before you choose Invisalign for kids over conventional braces, you need to consider some things. Invisalign aligners have to be worn in a systematic way or series of trays. If you do not do so, the treatment program could fail. Also, Invisalign aligners should be worn for no less than 20 hours daily and the only time you can remove them is when eating and brushing teeth. When a child does not wear them as directed, the treatment will likely take longer, or worse still, it could fail to work.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign comprises custom-created, clear plastic aligners worn over your teeth. The aligners gradually move the teeth into the new position by putting gentle force onto the teeth. Each aligner series is made specifically for the patient. There are different stages of wearing the aligners, therefore, you will be changing them as the teeth move slowly to position. While patients wearing traditional braces need to have them adjusted by a dentist, when it comes to Invisalign, you just need to get on to the next set of aligners. Contact our dental office to design an Invisalign system for your kid to move their misaligned teeth to a better position that improves their bite function and aesthetics.

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