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Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Worst Foods For Your TeethRegardless of your age, the reasons for having tooth decay are almost the same. You suffer from tooth decay when plaque alongside bacteria that survives by feeding on sugar in your diet attacks the teeth, causing cavities. Bacteria in the mouth metabolize sugar, turning it into acid. The acid then dissolves the tooth structure, often damaging the protective enamel, sometimes even reaching as far as the dentin. Eating foods bad for the teeth can lead to plaque and decay. Here are some foods that you should stay clear of, or at least limit their intake to help keep the teeth and gums healthy. 

Sugar, Sugary Sweets, and Candies

Whether it is refined white sugar, brown sugar, or honey, it's all sugar. Eating sugar often turns the mouth into an acidic environment that stays a few hours after consuming it. If you are drinking or eating sugar every few hours, it means you are continuously bathing the teeth in the acid. 

Candy that remains in the mouth for some time, for example, lollipops, caramels, jelly beans, and hard candies, make it difficult for saliva to clean away the sugar. Desserts with lots of sugar can also cause tooth decay, for example, cookies, pies, and cakes. Avoid sugary foods in between meals and instead consume them after meals. Ensure you brush your teeth. 

Soft drinks, Pickles, and Wine

Whether sugar-free or not, soft drinks have acids that can damage the teeth, leading to cavities and dental erosion. Avoid soft drinks and drink water or unsweetened tea instead. Avoid brushing immediately after drinking soft drinks because the enamel softens after consuming them, making it vulnerable to abrasion. 

The pickling process involves vinegar, which has acid. The acid causes staining and wears away the enamel. Also, most pickled foods have sugar, which can contribute to cavities. Moreover, wine, whether white or red, has erosive acid that softens the enamel. Tannins in red white can stain your teeth. After drinking wine, wait 30 minutes before brushing the mouth. Talk to our dental professional about diet and tooth decay. 

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