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What Is a Fissured Tongue?

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Dick Hikade, DDS
What Is a Fissured Tongue?A normal tongue appears pink because it is covered with little pinkish white bumps. These bumps help us to taste sweet, sour, bitter, and salty foods. Our tongue is also important for chewing and swallowing food. Lastly, our tongue helps us to form words and communicate properly.

If a person has a fissured tongue, there are noticeable differences as compared to a normal tongue. A fissured tongue can be identified by grooves on the top part of the tongue. Sometimes a groove is so deep that it looks as if the tongue were split in half lengthwise. There may be other small furrows too, or only small grooves, or there may be a combination of large and small furrows or grooves on the top of the tongue.

At present, it is not known why this condition may occur, although sometimes a fissured tongue occurs concurrently with another syndrome or condition. It may be a genetic condition. There is good news though, it is generally painless. A problem may happen when food debris seeps into the furrows on the tongue and causes irritation, but usually this is not a severe issue.

Treatment of a Fissured Tongue

Generally, a fissured tongue does not require treatment. Instead, some precautions are important if you have a fissured tongue. First, brush the top surface of the tongue so food debris does not accumulate in the fissure. You want to keep bacteria and plaque out of these grooves on the tongue. Doing so will help you to thwart bad breath and help tooth decay to slow down as well.

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