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All You Need to Know About Inlays

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Dick Hikade, DDS
All You Need to Know About InlaysA dental inlay is a restorative treatment in which we place a coating that sticks to a tooth to replace small structures lost due to decay, fracture, or wear. We carry out this process in a laboratory using working models of the mouth of a patient.

Inlays differ from onlays in the amount of space they cover. While an onlay can restore one or multiple cusps of a tooth, an inlay just covers the center, chewing area. The damage should be enough to not be possible to restore with a filling, but not so significant that a complete crown replacement could work better.

Dental Inlays Care

If proper habits and care are in place, dental inlays can last between ten and fifteen years. It is good to avoid chewing too solid elements such as ice cubes, as well as avoid using your teeth as tools like cutting threads, for example. To prevent applying pressure to a tooth with an inlay, try to cut food into small portions before eating it. We also recommend visiting our dentist every 6 months so we can check its state and make adjustments if necessary.

Inlays Advantages

The advantages of inlays are multiple: they restore weakened teeth; they are ideal in the case of diverse fractures; and they use materials that imitate the color and texture of original teeth, which helps to regain the aesthetic and natural appearance of your smile.

Inlays are effective in procedures that do not require full coverage of the cusps, and allow millimeter accuracy in the construction of the mold to guarantee integrity. These benefits not only favor the health of the inner tissue of the mouth that forms the gums, but also facilitate their cleaning, obtaining generally superior results. If you are considering getting a dental inlay, please contact us today to get more information about it.

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