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Does Having Stained Teeth Actually Impact Your Oral Health?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Does Having Stained Teeth Actually Impact Your Oral Health?Looking your best helps you feel confident and showcase your personality. However, most people neglect to take into consideration how important a healthy smile is for your overall persona. People with beautiful smiles appear young and happy. Conversely, if you look in the mirror and notice your teeth are stained, you may want to take time to consider how your stained teeth may impact your personality as well as your oral health. While discolored teeth certainly affect your smile, they can also affect your mouth.

Some Health Problems Start with Stained Teeth

Poor oral hygiene habits or the failure to visit the dentist every six months will cause the teeth to become discolored. Most often, teeth that have been neglected appear to have a yellow tint. Plaque and tartar may be visibly present and cause the teeth to look stained. Discolored teeth often contain cavities which could lead to more tooth decay and bigger dental problems.

A Good Oral Hygiene Routine Will Improve Your Teeth Color

When patients ask us what they can do to improve their teeth color, we advise them to incorporate a good oral hygiene routine at home. Use fluoride toothpaste and brush your teeth two times each day for two minutes at each brushing session. Don't brush too hard. Floss once a day as well. After that, we suggest using an alcohol-free fluoridated mouthwash. Doing these things routinely every day will minimize tooth decay. Lastly, drink only water and limit sugary foods and beverages.

Come to Our Office Every Six Months

Discolored teeth have the potential to impact your oral health. Therefore, it is important to come to our office for a professional cleaning and dental exam every six months. Make these appointments a priority. We want to help you have the best smile possible as well as avoid dental problems down the road.

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