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Signs You Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Weo Admin
Signs You Need Wisdom Tooth ExtractionOur wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that erupt toward our early twenties, or for some people, late teens. However, as a result of evolution, our jaws have shrunk and no longer accommodate the complete set of 32 teeth. Thus, when our wisdom teeth erupt, they create substantial issues.

Common Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Everyone experiences different symptoms depending on their dental structure. However, some common signs to watch out for are:

•  Pain – Here it is important to note that not everyone experiences pain. In fact, for some people, the wisdom tooth doesn't erupt at all, so they don't experience any symptoms. For such patients, we conduct digital X-rays at Sunnyside Dentistry to determine whether the wisdom tooth needs an extraction or not.
•  Overcrowding – When the wisdom teeth don’t find enough space, they push at the other teeth, causing them to change position. They can also damage the gums and leaves the teeth more susceptible to infection. Sometimes, the wisdom tooth only partially erupts, creating a pocket where food can get lodged and lead to tooth decay.
•  Impacted Teeth – In some cases, if the tooth doesn’t find enough space, it can grow at an awkward angle. Impacted wisdom teeth almost always need to be extracted as they can damage the surrounding teeth and your overall dental and oral structure.
•  Sensitivity – In some cases, wisdom tooth eruption also leads to tooth sensitivity. You may experience an uncomfortable sensation towards the end of your jaw when eating something hot or cold. If so, it is an indication you need to get your wisdom tooth extracted.

If you notice any of these signs, including pain and swelling in the jaw, visit Sunnyside Dentistry. We can help determine whether you need to get your wisdom tooth extracted or not. Reach out to us for a consultation today or book an appointment for an extraction at (503) 451-5104.

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