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What Is Invisalign?

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Dick Hikade, DDS
What Is Invisalign?Invisalign is a substitute for metallic bracelets that can sometimes become troublesome for patients to manage. It is a series of clear aligners that are customized according to your teeth. An Invisalign covers the entire teeth, including a small section of the gums. They help straighten the patient's teeth, causing the least amount of pain.

Most patients refrain from getting aligners because they look disturbing and become a source of embarrassment, especially for kids. However, Invisalign aligners are transparent and barely noticeable when placed inside the mouth. They quickly adapt to the color of the patient's teeth and feel almost invisible.

How Long Do You Wear Invisalign

Invisalign is the best choice for those who have minor or moderate orthodontic problems. No one will hold you back from getting Invisalign for complex dental problems; however, it may take longer than usual for your teeth to align.

Invisalign works faster and better than traditional aligners for minor to moderate problems. Most patients report positive progress within 2-3 months. However, depending on your dental issue, it could take at least 6 months for your teeth to return to their normal position.

Moreover, Invisalign can be taken off by the patient as well. However, for best results and a quick fix to your dental problems, it is best to wear Invisalign for at least 20-22 hours a day.

At Sunnyside Dentistry, Dick Hikade, DDS or Brooke Hikade-Wyatt, DMD are trained in taking good care of your teeth and properly install Invisalign. You can expect our to thoroughly examine your oral health and provide the best treatment possible. Getting your teeth checked as early as you can is the best way to protect your oral health. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at (503) 451-5104 today.

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