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Ways Lasers Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Ways Lasers Can Help Improve Your Oral HealthLasers have been used in dentistry to allow a larger degree of precision during surgeries, and to decrease the amount of time taken during certain procedures, such as teeth whitening. Lasers can help your oral health as they may be used during your next root canal treatment, or for a more painless biopsy.

Why Laser Dentistry is Beneficial for the Patient

The cuts made by lasers are smaller, more precise, and less deep compared to when using a scalpel. The dentist can wield greater accuracy, because the point of a laser is small and creates an exceptionally clean cut, allowing for more perfect incision. Lasers can either be soft-tissue or hard-tissue lasers, depending on what the operation is, meaning the laser should never cut through anything it should not as, it will be set to a specific intensity. This also means the incisions do not go as deep, allowing for a quicker and cleaner healing process.

This type of application is beneficial for gum contouring, as the dentist can more easily shape your gums, which has both cosmetic and medical benefits. Periodontal treatment requires the use of a laser to remove diseased gum tissue, and to discourage the growth of bacteria, so a soft-tissue laser can benefit those suffering from periodontitis.

Lasers can also be used during wisdom teeth removal to fully expose the tooth before extraction, and during cosmetic procedures such as veneer placement and teeth whitening, to speed up the setting process of the treatments. Lasers are also effective at removing cold sores.

Our office uses lasers to make procedures quicker and less painful for our patients. They come with a plethora of benefits, and they can be used in almost all treatments and surgeries. You can speak to one of our team about the use of laser dentistry for an upcoming surgery and learn about its benefits to you.

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