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Teeth and Ice Don't Mix

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Teeth and Ice Don't MixMunching on ice is a satisfying thing to partake in for many, but there are reasons why you might want to rethink doing this. Whether you are loading up a cup with ice, or like to crunch away after finishing your drink, it is best to chew on other, safer things.

Why You Should Avoid Chewing Ice

Ice is very hard and very brittle. This is what makes it satisfying for people, and add in the fact that it won't add to your calorie count for the day because it is essentially just frozen water, it quickly becomes understandable why this is a popular way for folks to get their crunchies on. Unfortunately, however, this is not good for your teeth.

The appeal of ice's hardness is what makes it so dangerous for teeth. It is not entirely uncommon for people to fracture/chip their teeth as they are crunching away. You might not even immediately notice that your teeth have been damaged, oftentimes it starts off as microscopic cracks on the surface of the enamel which can lead to bigger problems if this is unchecked. This is why it is better to be safe than sorry. Waking up one morning and wondering why it hurts to eat your breakfast isn't exactly thrilling!

Try Grazing on Celery Instead

A lot of people eat ice because they just want something to chew, but celery is absolutely perfect for this use-case. Celery has very few calories, just 6 in one stick in fact, and as you chew it, the celery acts as a natural toothbrush that partially cleans out your mouth. On top of this, unlike ice, celery has nutritional value to it. If you want something crunchy to graze on, pick up celery sticks!

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