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Is a Tooth Not Erupted Dangerous to Leave Like That?

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Is a Tooth Not Erupted Dangerous to Leave Like That?
Impacted or unerupted teeth are teeth that never grew above the gums. This often occurs due to lack of space or other teeth, bones, or tissues such as cysts. In other cases, they don´t erupt due to trauma or medical conditions. Wisdom teeth, typically the last teeth to grow in, are the ones most likely to be impacted. Other teeth may be impacted by primary teeth that for whatever reason don´t come out. If you have any of these problems, please give us a call.

Getting Unrerupted Teeth to Erupt

Unreptued teeth are diagnosed via x-rays. Unreputed teeth are not necessarily dangerous. However, assuming the unerupted teeth are detected by us when a patient is still a child, we may work together with a periodontist to get the teeth to erupt. This is certainly better for cosmetic purposes. Also with the proper alignment of the teeth, it´s a lot easier to chew. Impacted teeth, particularly if the impact is caused by not enough space or a primary tooth that never left can make chewing painful or difficult. They can may dental hygiene harder and cause bad breath as well. If you´re suffering any discomfort or have impacted teeth, please come see us.

Long Term Health Consequences

As for adults, if getting the unerupted tooth to erupt is not feasible, it isn´t necessarily dangerous to leave the tooth like that. Of course, this depends on the location. Assuming the person had top-notch dental care as a youth, the only unerupted teeth should be the wisdom tooth at this stage. Some professionals prefer to remove the unerupted tooth as a preventative measure. Others will leave unerupted teeth in if they are not currently bothering the patient. The unerupted tooth will need regular monitoring to make sure it´s stable. Unerupted teeth may form cysts. The cysts may lead to the destruction of neighboring bone tissue. This may affect the stability of the jaw. These cysts may become painful. They may also become infected. Tooth and bone infections can develop into life-threatening conditions. If you´re having any of these problems, drop by for a visit or call us to set up an exam.

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