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Why Do We Compare Old X-rays to New Ones?

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Why Do We Compare Old X-rays to New Ones?Dental X-rays help dentists visualize the disease of our teeth and the surrounding tissue that cannot be seen with a simple oral exam. Additionally, x-rays help the dentist find and treat problems early in their development which can save money, prevent unnecessary comfort, and maybe even your life. 

What do Dentists Take the X-rays For?

Most generally x-rays are used to show areas of decay that may not be visible with an oral exam, especially small areas of decay between the teeth, to identify decay occurring beneath an existing filling, to reveal bone loss that accompanies gum disease, to reveal changes in the one or in the root canal resulting from infection, to assist in the preparation of tooth implants, braces dentures, or other dental procedures, or to help reveal an abscess, help watch for decay, determine if there is enough space in the mouth to fit all the incoming teeth for a child, check the development of wisdom teeth, to help reveal other developmental abnormalities such as cysts or tumors.

If you are a new patient, the dentist will want to take X-rays to establish a baseline record from which to compare changes that may occur over time. Some individuals who have gum disease or other conditions that need monitoring will need to have comparative X-rays. There are many occasions in dentistry where it is necessary to take new X-rays and compare them to the old X-rays to check for changes in either a positive or negative way. 

If you are concerned about radiation exposure due to x-rays talk to the dentist about how often X-rays are needed and why they are being taken. While some patients need X-rays more frequently, current guidelines require that X-rays be given only when needed for clinical diagnosis.

If you have concerns about X-rays or any other concerns regarding your dental care we welcome your call and urge you to call our office so that we may address your concerns and answer all your questions. 

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