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Do Numbing Agents Help When Managing a Toothache Until We Can See You?

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Do Numbing Agents Help When Managing a Toothache Until We Can See You?Toothaches can be a problem for many people, especially children who may not perform proper dental hygiene. They can be caused by many different problems relating to the teeth, and each cause can present varying degrees of pain.

Many people want immediate relief before waiting to come see us at our office, and there are many good options for keeping the pain at bay. However, there are also ones to avoid as they could make the problem worse.

The biggest pain relief method to avoid when dealing with a toothache is aspirin. Aspirin, particularly the chewable kind, is highly acidic and can cause wear to the tooth's enamel. Since many toothaches stem from worn enamel, it is not advisable to take aspirin as it can lead to even more wear worsening the problem overall. However, other options do exist that are kinder to your teeth and can still effectively deal with the pain of a toothache you may be experiencing.

Numbing Agents to Consider

You can purchase numbing agents as over-the-counter medications at your local drug store. These agents are applied topically to the affected area and attempt to numb the experienced pain. In the short term these numbing agents can be effective at mitigating the pain felt from a toothache but cannot solve the problem causing the toothache. In general, a problem stemming from worn enamel is the cause of a toothache, and until proper treatment for that problem is done, the pain can persist and even become worse with time.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, we recommend that you come and visit our office as soon as possible. The tooth pain may be able to be subsided by over-the-counter numbing agents, but these agents are not effective at solving the issue.

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment so that we can take a look at your teeth and find out why you are experiencing pain. We will also be happy to answer any questions about short-term solutions to your toothache pain.

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