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You Can Ask Us to See if You Are Flossing Properly and We Can Check

Posted on 10/25/2019 by Dick Hikade, DDS
You Can Ask Us to See if You Are Flossing Properly and We Can CheckPerhaps you are finally tired of getting a sermon on flossing every time you get your teeth cleaned at your annual checkup. The action of flossing is a vital role in the health and preservation of your gums and teeth.

If you do not floss regularly, you put your mouth at risk for gum disease and rapid tooth decay. A question to ask us at your next visit is if you are flossing correctly. If you aren't here are some ways we can identify it.

Pain and Bleeding Gums

When you come for your checkup, we will floss of all your teeth. If your gums bleed there is likely a bit of gingivitis that is developing in your gums. In most cases it means you aren't getting the floss down into the pockets between the teeth and bacteria has formed. Two weeks of correct flossing should clear the issue up.

Using the Correct Floss

If you have been flossing but still have sensitive and bleeding gums, it's suggested that you use what we call a floss pick for your teeth. They make it much simpler to approach the sections between the teeth because we can apply them with one hand. There are many brands and designs. Our office recommends you use the one that is slighting curved. It looks just like the letter Y but they curve the flossed tips of the top of the Y. This provides for easy up and down motions between your back teeth.

Did you know that flossing incorrectly is almost just as bad as not flossing at all? Our office hopes these tips can help you get your teeth and gums back on track. If you have been practicing these tips and are still suffering pain or bleeding, call our office today. Let's have you arranged to be seen at our next available appointment. You may be showing signs of other problems we need to resolve. We have years of experience to get to the bottom of the issue and can promptly get your mouth healthy and smiling again. 

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