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What Causes an Abscess to Spread?

Posted on 9/25/2019 by Dick Hikade, DDS
What Causes an Abscess to Spread?Abscesses are important to take note of if you are experiencing the symptoms of them. This is because they are deadly if they are something that is ignored. When it becomes an issue, then it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The mouth is not a place that you want to chance.

Symptoms of a Tooth Abscess

There are a number of symptoms that come with a tooth abscess that you have to take note of. There is generally a bump on the side of the gum or inside the gum. Additionally, extreme pain, swelling, and fever are usually seen with the abscess, as well.

The symptoms that are felt are symptoms you want to pay attention to. If you notice any of them, it is an emergency situation, and it should be treated as such. Calling our office and letting us know what is happening is important. We need to get you into the office as soon as possible, providing antibiotic treatment and remove or fix the tooth infected.

Spreading of a Tooth Abscess

The abscess can spread, as in the infection, to the rest of the body if it is not treated correctly. You need to ensure that you are finding the help needed with our office when you are experiencing the symptoms of an abscess or tooth infection, as antibiotic treatment is required to help the teeth and gums heal. Leaving the abscess alone for a considerable amount of time can cause it to spread, or placing heat in the area can lead it to spread, as well.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of a tooth abscess, do not let these symptoms go. Speak with our office today to come in and have the issue taken care of. An abscess can spread quickly and make you sick.

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