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Is Skipping a Visit to Our Office a Major Problem?

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Is Skipping a Visit to Our Office a Major Problem?You've likely heard that you need to come see us every six months. That's true, but what if you simply can't make one appointment? Sometimes life gets so busy that it can truly be difficult to find a morning or afternoon to come visit us for a checkup.

We understand, and we know that sometimes it's just not possible to make one of our regularly scheduled checkup. Is that such a horrible thing?

Why We Recommend Six-Month Checkups

Your oral health does change over time, but in most cases, it does take about six months for anything major to develop. That's why we want you to come in every six months. It gives us a chance to take a look at your mouth and see what has developed since you were last in.

So, what if you miss one of these visits? It's usually okay if you're healthy and we haven't detected any major issues. If we are carefully watching an oral health concern, we do really stress that you need to come in every six months. In some cases, we may even want to see you a little more often than that. If you're in good shape, though, you can miss a six-month appointment and it's probably fine. Just don't skip the next one. Going more than a year between visits isn't a good idea.

The Dangers of Missing Several Checkups in a Row

If you do skip two or even three six-month checkups, though, it's likely that we'll find out of control cavities, the early stages of gum disease, and other issues. Often, those who believe they have the best oral healthcare routine are the ones who miss appointments, and they're shocked when we tell them how bad things are. That's because no matter how careful you are with brushing, you can still miss spots and develop cavities.

If you have missed an appointment and want to schedule your next one, give us a call today.

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