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What Is Dental Restoration?

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Sunnyside Dentistry
Beautiful Black woman smiling after making appointment at Sunnyside Dentistry in Clackamas, ORMissing or damaged teeth are common oral problems. You might lose your teeth as a result of a fall, auto accident, or assault. Some people get damaged or missing teeth from poor dental hygiene, oral diseases, or aging factors. Fortunately, a qualified dentist can address your concerns through dental restoration. These specialized treatments help repair or replace damaged or missing natural teeth, restoring their function and improving your facial appearance.

Who Needs Dental Restoration?

Anyone with cracked, chipped, missing teeth, diseased teeth, tooth cavities, and other related oral problems can schedule dental restoration treatment. Those who want to improve their oral aesthetics and facial appearance might also be suitable candidates. Moreover, you may require dental restoration before undergoing other oral procedures.

Dental Restoration Treatments

A dentist will conduct comprehensive examinations and tests to determine the right treatment for your condition. The extent of loss or damage will also define the approach the dental professional will recommend to restore your teeth. Common dental restoration options include implants, bridges, and dental crowns. Other possible treatments include fillings, veneers, and dentures. Complex dental restoration treatments include root canal therapy and pulpotomy.

Benefits of Dental Restoration

Dental restoration treatments repair or replace damaged or missing teeth, restoring oral function. They also improve the structure and appearance of natural teeth, enhancing your smile and overall look.

Most dental restoration solutions are painless and have minimal downtime. They do not require multiple visits or prolonged hospitals, allowing you to resume regular activities. While some dental restoration procedures are invasive, dentists use various anesthetics to make you calm and comfortable during treatment.

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The primary objective of dental restoration is to restore dental function and improve oral health. We provide various dental restoration treatments to help repair or replace damaged or lost teeth and enhance your smile. Contact our practice today with questions and to book an appointment with us.

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