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Greens Can Do a Lot To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Woman grocery shopping after making dental appointment at Sunnyside Dentistry in Clackamas, ORAs much as brushing and flossing is vital for good oral health, you need to maintain a good diet for the best results. You should eat nutritious foods that help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Greens are a good example of such foods. They are rich in nutrients that are necessary for strong teeth and healthy gums.

Importance of Eating Greens

Greens are beneficial when it comes to oral health. While there are foods that can weaken the structure of your teeth, greens help strengthen them. Luckily, there is a wide range of greens you can choose from. Each one of them has plenty of nutrients that will keep your teeth in good health.

To start with, leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, and arugula are ideal for your teeth. They have plenty of important nutrients, and for that reason, they are referred to as superfoods. They do not have calories that could affect your health, making them an ideal choice. These leafy greens boost your oral health by fortifying the tooth enamel. Note that the enamel plays an important role in protecting your teeth against bacteria. The enamel also creates a strong barrier that prevents the entry of acids into your teeth.

Greens also benefit your teeth by stimulating the production of saliva. Saliva plays an important role in your mouth by washing away bacteria. It also prevents cases of dry mouth. Furthermore, saliva helps neutralize acids in your mouth. These acids can erode your tooth and damage the tooth enamel. Additionally, excessive accumulation of certain acids could result in tooth discoloration. You will have a stained smile that is likely to impact your confidence. This is why it is prudent to incorporate leafy greens in your diet for sufficient saliva secretion.

Wrap Up

Therefore, it is advisable to eat greens for better oral health. Seek professional guidance from our dentist for more information on the benefits of eating greens.

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