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The Importance of Baby Teeth

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Beautiful Black baby smiling after her parents made a dental appoitnment for her at Sunnyside Dentistry in Clackamas, ORMany people pay more attention to permanent teeth than baby teeth. These baby teeth are also called deciduous or primary teeth. Parents must know how important the baby teeth are to ensure their children get a good start with dental hygiene.

Assist in the Growth of Vocal Ability

When children get their baby teeth, it is a big step toward better word pronunciation and speech. They help children practice the correct tongue and lip motions for clear articulation while waiting for their permanent teeth.

Promote Healthful Eating

Baby teeth facilitate chewing, enhancing the efficiency of the digestive system. It is crucial to metabolize and assimilate nutrients from various food sources, and teeth help to make this happen.

Assist in the Growth of the Mask and Jaw

For permanent teeth to erupt normally, baby teeth spacing is essential. As permanent teeth erupt, they help keep the jaw and face in their correct positions.

Personal Value and Beauty

The sense of self-worth and assurance of a child is reflected in how they smile. An appealing smile, made possible by healthy baby teeth, may do wonders for their self-esteem.

Stay Away from Cramming and Misalignment

The baby teeth maintain the room for the permanent teeth to erupt correctly. When baby teeth fall out too soon or get decayed, it can cause problems with crowding and alignment when the permanent teeth come in.

Establishment of Healthful Dental Practices

Children learn early on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene by caring for their baby teeth. The habit of regular dental checkups, thorough brushing, and flossing lays the groundwork for good oral health throughout life. As a parent, you can demonstrate healthy dental practices by brushing your teeth with your child.

Establishing good oral hygiene habits, such as frequent dental checkups, the correct way to brush and floss, and a healthy diet at a young age, is crucial for parents and caregivers. Schedule an appointment with us today through our website for you and your family.

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