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What To Do When Toothache Strikes

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Woman with toothache about to get it fixed at Sunnyside Dentistry in Clackamas, ORToothaches can arise due to multiple factors, including tooth decay, a dental infection, a fractured tooth, or gum issues. When experiencing a toothache, follow these methods to lessen the discomfort and resolve the problem.

Cleanse Your Mouth

Thoroughly cleanse your mouth by gently rinsing it with warm water to eliminate irritants or particles. Avoid using water of high or low temperatures, as severe temperatures can worsen the pain.

Exercise Caution During Flossing

Utilize dental floss to delicately cleanse the interdental spaces and the area where the teeth meet the gums. Occasionally, a toothache may arise due to food debris lodged between the teeth. Exercise caution to prevent worsening the irritation.


Over-the-counter painkillers can ease pain and inflammation. Adhere to the prescribed dosage guidelines provided in the box. Be careful not to overdose if the pain is too extreme.

Foods That Can Trigger Adverse Reactions

Refrain from consuming meals and beverages that are too hot, cold, sweet, or acidic, as these might intensify dental tenderness and pain.

Refrain from Self-treatment

Although temporary pain management techniques can provide comfort, they do not effectively target the underlying source of the toothache. Refrain from using alcohol or aspirin topically to the affected region, as these substances have the potential to harm the tissues in your mouth.

Look for Guidance

Adhere to the treatment suggestions provided by our dentist after your appointment. This may entail interventions such as dental fillings, root canal treatments, or tooth extractions, depending upon the gravity of the problem. A toothache frequently indicates an underlying dental problem that necessitates professional intervention. Immediately reach out to our dentist to arrange an appointment. Please include a detailed description of the signs and any attempted therapies.

It is important to note that a toothache indicates an underlying dental issue, and it is crucial to swiftly address it by getting competent dental care. Postponing medical intervention can result in worsened complications and heightened discomfort.

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