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Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Burning Mouth Syndrome CausesA burning mouth oftentimes feels like a painful sensation. It is almost as if you traumatized your oral cavity with a hot drink. The burning sensation could be on the lips, tongue, gums, inside the cheeks, or the roof of the mouth.

Primary versus secondary burning

Burning mouth syndrome can either be primary or secondary. It is often hard to conclusively tell the cause of primary burning. Doctors associate primary burning with nerve damage in the area surrounding the tongue. The damage alters the taste buds and causes pain in the oral cavity. Secondary burning occurs due to prevailing medical conditions as discussed below.

Dry mouth

Xerostomia is most often a side effect of certain medications and treatments. Having a dry mouth, a condition that salivary glands does not produce little to no saliva. As a result, the mouth becomes hoarse and inhibits oral functions such as chewing or speaking efficiently. This strain could result in this burning and uncomfortable sensation in the mouth.

Oral thrush

Oral thrush is a fungal infection. It occurs when fungus multiply on the inner lining of the mouth. This overgrowth may result in lesions on the tongue and the cheeks. Oral thrush could spread to the roof of the mouth, gum, and throat. The lesions can sometimes result in a burning sensation.


Burning mouth syndrome can also be a result of sensitivity to allergies. The allergy spectrum is quite wide. It could be an allergy to spices or food additives at other times. We have heard of people who were allergic to certain types of toothpaste and mouthwash. Other times, it can be an allergic reaction to dental filling materials such as amalgam or composite.

Hormonal and psychological factors

Stress, depression, and anxiety have been linked to burning mouth syndrome. Increased anxiety levels alter the hormonal balance in the body, especially in women. Research shows that an imbalance of estrogen affects the nerves and tissues in the mouth. The end result is usually a burning mouth sensation that goes away on its own. Do not struggle with BMS alone. Reach out to us today for assistance.

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