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Reasons Why Your Tooth Hurts When You Suck Down

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Dick Hikade, DDS
Reasons Why Your Tooth Hurts When You Suck DownSeveral things can cause biting and chewing tooth pain. Knowing these warning signals might help you tackle underlying issues to relieve discomfort and maintain your natural tooth.

The Crown or filling is too High

Occlusion is how teeth contact when the mandible and maxilla connect. When the mandible and maxilla don't occlude correctly, stresses on teeth are unevenly distributed. One of your teeth carries the load. Too-high crowns or fillings might produce acute discomfort while biting down.

Furthermore, this is especially obvious after a dental operation and when the anesthesia wears off. Sometimes the opposite tooth hurts from the increased pressure applied.

The Tooth is Broken or Cracked

Cracked teeth are challenging to diagnose. Moreover, most broken teeth only produce discomfort while biting. When your tooth hurts after eating, it's necessary to make the dentist know about the problem. A tooth that suddenly hurts after biting into anything complicated may have a deep break. Fixing the tooth with a dental implant reduces the pain from the cracked area.

Tooth is Infected

Dental Abscess is a bacterial infection that generates pain in the tooth when biting down. The gum or tooth swelling causes discomfort while chewing or applying pressure. A tooth abscess causes intermittent pain that comes and goes. Occasionally the individual may feel worse, but sometimes it's unnoticeable.

Small pimples may also appear near the damaged tooth. Pus leakage can cause a salty taste in the mouth. This disease should never be left untreated since it might develop seriously and harm the teeth, jaw, and body. A tooth abscess is treated by cutting it to remove the infection.

Toothache from biting won't go away on its own, pain medications and rest are insufficient in treating this pain. Therefore, seek dental attention if the tooth hurts because of an underlying dental condition.

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