Health Benefits of Your Turkey Meal

Health Benefits of Your Turkey Meal

Here at Sunnyside Dentistry we are grateful for our wonderful patients. We love thanksgiving, because it is a time to celebrate friends and family.

The food feast with family and friends is a joyful time. We also love to tell our patients that turkey is a great food for your smile. Turkey is rich in protein, which has phosphorus in it – and when the phosphorus mixes with calcium and vitamin D, it will create strong bones including strong teeth.

It is true that eating your Thanksgiving feast could make you sleepy, but rest assured because the turkey is a healthy option for a beautiful smile.

Not all Thanksgiving foods are smile friendly. In fact most holiday food is covered in signer and fat. It is wise to make healthy choices and balance your meal.

Turkey and cranberry sauce are good choices for a healthy smile. Some cranberry sauces are high in sugar, which means a breeding ground for plaque and bacteria on your teeth, which means cavities. Read food labels and cook organic natural options.

The good news is dried cranberries and cranberry sauces are often eaten during the Thanksgiving meal with other foods. This means that themselves do not consume them so the bacteria build up is not usually as high.

other foods help keep the sugar from sticking to teeth by increasing saliva flow, which helps rid the mouth of leftover food particles.

If you are worried about getting tooth decay opt for the veggie tray. Eating crunchy foods such as celery and carrots is healthy for your smile.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and your turkey guilt-free. If you end up eating sweets, try to brush and floss after your meal That way you will have more to be thankful for well into the new year – good oral hygiene!

From all of us at Sunnyside Dentistry, thank you and happy thanksgiving.

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