Kick Cavities to the Curb with These Oral Health Tips

Kick Cavities to the Curb with These Oral Health Tips

Halloween is just around the corner and for most families that means children are getting excited for trick-or-treating. If you have young children, it is important to educate them about the tricks of Halloween with their treats.

Candy is a fun treat, but it can cause oral health issues. To prevent your children from getting toothaches or cavities, take our doctors advice and try implementing some of these tips. But there is no need to fret the frightening holiday, you can still have a great holiday and it starts with education. Take time to let your children know the benefits of good oral health.

Sharing your perceptive with your children can help them make healthy choices. Here are our favorite tips to help you help your children stay healthy this Halloween.

Make a Candy Limit

We find that when you tell children they can’t have something such as candy, they will want it even more. This can lead to sneaking food or binging on it. Naturally, Halloween is all about having fun, but setting a candy limit can be important for your children’s oral health. A good habit is to allow them to have go out and enjoy Halloween, but don’t eat candy while they are out. Instead encourage them to wait and you can go through the candy together. When your kids return from their fun trick-or-treating outing you can go through their candy bags together. Tell them to choose a certain number of candies that they can eat now, and save the rest for later.

Education is Key

Together as you go through the candy you can use that dedicated time to educate your kids about the types of candy. For example taffy, caramels, chewy gummy bears and hard candy like jolly ranchers are the worst for your teeth, instead choose a chocolate-based candy. Sugar type taffy candy is difficult on your teeth because the sugar can rest on your children’s teeth longer, which can cause tooth decay. You can let your children pick a range of candies so they are not doing as much damage to their teeth. Educate your children, which can be fun together. It can help them decide what is most reasonable as far as the amount of candy to eat. You also send the message that candy is not bad but candy and other desserts in excess, will lead to cavities. Your children will learn how to take a healthy proactive approach to their diets plus they will learn what they eat affects their smile.

Establish a Treat Time

If you have younger child, it is a smart idea to establish a specific time of day when they can eat Halloween candy, remember to stick to the amount of pieces rule as well. Set Up a Oral Health Schedule No matter what time of day you choose to have treat time, set a time each day where you brush and floss your teeth together. Use a fluoride mouth rinse as well to help wash candy particles and sugar away. Mouthwash for kids will also help prevent tooth decay, according to the American Dental Association.

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